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Banking, Finance, and Insurance Working Group

BFI working group oversees the entire financial services industry, including banking and insurance industries. Concentrates on those issues that can offset the American and Kurdistan Region of Iraq-US joint venture business in Kurdistan. Finance working group works toward bringing a greater understanding of the Kurdistan Region Financial system. Better consideration of financial systems and a more robust financial infrastructure helps us to ensure both sustainable economic growth and social progress within the KRI.  AmCham’s financial working group exists to raise and allocate finance.  AmCham commonly undertakes activities in order to bring organizations together to provide a range of financial services for its members.

BFI working group seeks to support and promote the interests of AmCham’s Banking, Finance, and Insurance members. It does this by facilitating discussions on issues affecting the sector, inviting guest speakers, and by seeking to act as an advocacy body to defend and promote the interests of the sector as a whole with respect to Government and regulatory bodies.

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