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Membership Types and Benefits

The Chance to be Heard and to Influence

AmCham Kurdistan has established fruitful dialogue and keeps cooperating successfully with US and KRG government institutions on the highest level.

AmCham Kurdistan members can share information, raise issues of common concern and propose possible solutions through monthly meetings of 10 industry sectors committees. The focus of committee meetings depends on the current situation and topics of importance in the Kurdistan Region, including newly adopted laws, regulations, amendments, joint problems of committee members, and best practice sharing.

Members represent their companies in 10 industry committees (Banking, Finance, and Insurance; Tax & Customs; Sustainable Development & Corporate Impact; Human Resources and Labor; Digital Technology and Innovation; Travel Hospitality and Tourism; Legal & Compliance; Agriculture Forestry & Economic Development; Procurement; FMCG) as forums for expressing member views on issues of fundamental importance and challenges. Suggestions are compiled and submitted to the relevant ministries through AmCham Kurdistan's regular White Papers and often go on to influence laws. AmCham Kurdistan's committees have the opportunity to contribute to the process of amending several essential Kurdistan laws, achieving a more conducive environment in which to do business. Working within these committees allows your company to make a real contribution to the future of the industry in Kurdistan.

Access to the data on the latest tendencies in the market

AmCham Kurdistan keeps its members up to date on the current situation and the latest changes in the legislation and the general state of business in Kurdistan. We work to facilitate regular and open dialogue between our members and key decision-makers, voice members’ concerns, and contribute to developing sustainable solutions. As a member of AmCham Kurdistan, your company will have access to data.

As a member, you have full access to our resource library, which has information on business practices and trends, local legislation, current committee work, and other valuable information. The general package of information resources provided by the Chamber includes;

- Annual National Employee Salary Surveys

- Quarterly Inflation Surveys

- AmCham White Papers

- AmCham Annual Reports

Best Networking Opportunities

Being one of the largest and the most influential organizations in Kurdistan, uniting more than 250 Member Companies in all sectors of the economy, we provide the best networking opportunities. We represent more than a major percentage of all foreign and a significant portion of the local investment in Kurdistan. Moreover, membership in AmCham Kurdistan provides a unique opportunity to get a vast network of government and business contacts in the KRG and valuable information on US businesses across the Middle East through the Middle East Affairs at the US Chamber of Commerce.

All members are regularly invited to attend various events throughout the year, aiming to help your business develop and maintain a constant dialogue with the government of Kurdistan. These include, in particular, luncheons and conferences for learning, networking, and promoting informal “Business after hours” and charity sponsorships for high-profile visibility and social contributions.

M2M Discount Program

We do believe our members appreciate an opportunity to benefit from the AmCham Kurdistan Member-to-Member (M2M) Discount Program exclusively designed for our Member Companies to obtain as well as for the Associates to provide discounts on a wide range of products and services from the hotel stays and restaurant offers to technical servicing. This AmCham Kurdistan initiative is recognized as a robust promotional vehicle to add value to Companies’ membership and help increase sales volume and save costs.

The number of participating Member Companies is constantly increasing. All Member Companies are invited to use this unique opportunity and promote your business by providing discounts to their fellow Companies.

U.S. Business VISA Facilitation Service

Due to the agreement with the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, AmCham Kurdistan provides an exclusive service to Member Companies – facilitation of U.S. B1/B2 Visa Obtaining.

Please, visit our Visa Facilitation Program page for more information.

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