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Your Essential Business Partner

1. The Voice of Business

AmCham is the leading foreign business organization operating in Kurdistan. AmCham is the proven effective channel to convey membership’s views to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and U.S. government and parliament officials, presidential administrations, and business decision-makers.

2. Exceptional members of all sizes and sectors

The Chamber's most important assets are its members. They include major U.S. corporations and Kurdistani companies of all sizes and sectors. As our membership continues to diversify, so does the scope and reach of our advocacy.

3. Wide-ranging advocacy and policy work

AmCham works with key members of the U.S. government and the KRG government. We effectively advocate the interests of our members - companies investing and working in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq - while also addressing their specific concerns.

4. We solve individual member problems

Our members are our strength, our workforce, and our clients. Among our priorities is to assist respective member companies in resolving their concrete concerns. AmCham provides policy consulting, issue analysis, and resolution on their behalf on the local, regional and federal levels.

5. Opportunities for business development

AmCham broadly advocates regulatory improvements and promotes the business interests of its members in the market. We provide business development opportunities to our member companies of all sizes and sectors through different initiatives and events.

6. Strong regional representation

AmCham's regional program, which includes trade missions, regional briefings, and conferences, familiarizes our members with trade and investment opportunities across Kurdistan and brings them face-to-face with regional governments and business leaders.

7. Unique community of high-level experts

Ten industry sector and policy committees are planned to leverage the expertise of AmCham member company executives and staff and serve as forums to address members’ common interests and goals, discuss ideas, exchange information, and develop policy positions for the Chamber.

8. High-profile events & professional networking

AmCham facilitates regular conferences, discussions between business leaders and critical Kurdistan policymakers, and direct contact with federal and regional authorities through AmCham events. We also offer socializing events so our members can network in a focused and effective manner.

9. Diverse promotional opportunities

AmCham provides marketing services to its members, promoting their news through its online resources. By advertising in AmCham’s publications or sponsoring AmCham events, members can reach their target audience – the business leaders in Kurdistan and international business communities.

10. Support with visas & work permits

AmCham members benefit from an improved service for work permits and related documents and are planned to launch in collaboration with the KRG Visa Ministry. Additionally, members enjoy support and guidance regarding U.S. business travel and obtaining visas, and more cost-effective services in a program being launched with the U.S. Consulate Erbil.

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