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Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Working Group

AmCham Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Committee meets monthly to discuss the present situation of tourism in the Kurdistan Region and how to improve the country as a tourist destination.

Considering the growing expatriate community, an influx of short-term business travelers, and increased investment in infrastructure that results from very active diverse economic sectors.

Kurdistan’s tourism industry is one of the most promising. Business travelers require and demand high-quality airlines, hotels, restaurants, and services in both the capital and the provinces. Over the long term, however, Kurdistan Region also has the potential to attract a considerable number of international tourists. With mountain scenery, welcoming Kurdish culture, a historically rich religious diversity, interesting cities to explore, unusual foods, culinary smells, opportunities to bring home memories of a unique travel disenation, and above all, safety in the country. Having these attributes should go a long way to enable the Kurdistan Region to develop its tourism industry more broadly.

Taking all this into account we would like to invite all of the hotels, airlines, and travel agencies that are members of the American Chamber of Commerce as well as any other member companies that are interested in shaping up the private sector efforts in developing and improving the Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism in the region to join this newly created committee.

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